First Time With An Escort

Before I get into all the specifics about seeing an escort for the first time, I thought it’d be a good time to get into some details about the terminology of seeing escorts and how to avoid getting caught.

Incall Escorts Vs. Outcall Escorts

This is related to seeing an escort at your place (your home or hotel) which is referred to as an outcall escort. If you go to the escort’s place (her home or hotel or a brothel) then it’s called an incall escort. Sounds simple right? But what’s really better? What are the pros and cons of both? I am heavily biased towards Outcall Escorts, however I do my best to make an argument for both. It really comes down to your situation and what works best for you.

Escorts Vs Hookers

This may seem obvious to some people while it may be the same thing to a lot of others. The truth is an escort and a hooker are both very different. They are both prostitutes but the experience in being with an escort and a hooker are two completely situations. In this article I don’t mean to glorify escorts into being something they’re not, and I don’t mean to put down hookers into something they’re not. I just try and explain the difference between the two different experiences and make it clear for those who it wasn’t clear before.

 Independent Escorts Vs Escort Agencies

This is another question like incall escorts vs outcall escorts, where both have their pros and cons and most likely veteran hobbyists feel passionately one way or the other about which is the best to see. It’s not at all like escorts vs hookers, because you don’t see a lot of guys who use escorts seeing hookers, and like wise you don’t see a lot of guys who see hookers seeing escorts (not to say it doesn’t happen). I have my reasons for liking both of them so I’m not as biased as I am with incall escorts vs outcall escorts, but I do have my opinions. I hope this page helps explain both sides of the coin for you in seeing either an independent escort or an escort via an escort agency.


Don’t Get Caught Seeing An Escort

Getting caught seeing an escort is a fear we all have. Either caught by your friends, family, wife or even worse – the police. Following some basic guidelines will keep you out of the woods for the most part. A lot of people don’t see escorts based on the sole reason that they don’t want to get caught, and that’s really a shame because it is very easy to make sure you don’t get caught. Hopefully after reading this page you’ll have learned how to see escorts on a regular basis (if you so chose) without ever getting caught.


Are Escorts Clean?

This is another reason why a lot of people chose not to see escorts, and to me it’s just silly to not see an escort because you think they’re dirty. On this page I explain my rationale and why I think it’s completely absurd. Keep in mind this page is not advocating that all escorts are 100% clean or low risk candidates for sexually transmitted diseases, however I like to keep things in perspective. To assume that because someone works in the sex industry they’re dirty, but the girl you met at the club last night and had no problem taking her home and banging her bareback isn’t dirty, is completely ridiculous.


Advice for First Time With An Escort

There’s lots of different reasons to see an escort, but the bottom line is that once you’ve made the choice to make an appointment with an escort – especially if it’s your first time – you get a little nervous. It’s completely normal to feel this way. If you’re reading this moments before your selected escort is about to arrive, then I hope this helps you calm down and remain confident. I’m going to take you through the basic things you should know for your safety and enjoyment of your session with an escort.

The first thing you should do is make sure your clean. This isn’t a date and you don’t need to be charming to get laid, but being clean and fresh goes a long way. If you’ve read escort reviews or escort message boards, then you’ve probably heard the term YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary). There’s some guys who see an escort and pay for an hour but she stays for two hours, they kiss passionately, they cuddle, she licks his balls and lets him PIITB (put it in the butt!) and then you read a review of the same escort from someone else and it’s a disaster. She refused to kiss him, there was no intimacy, she was uninterested in the sex and the client down right had a bad time.

This could be due to the escort’s review being outdated, as sometimes an escort will be passionate when she starts out but a few bad clients and drinking problem has jaded her. This could also be because the escort was just plane having a bad day. Her dog just died but rent’s due and when that phone rings business takes precedence. Those possibilities aside, it’s more than likely the client. No, the first client wasn’t Brad Pitt or a modern day Casanova. More than likely the first client tidied up his apartment, made the bed, had a shower, brushed his teeth, put on some cologne and had some wine/water/beer/cognac to offer upon arrival. Even if you’re the ugliest man alive and have a hard time maintaining a conversation outside of World of Warcraft or your job as an Actuary, you can still get great mileage with any escort by following these simple steps:

1) As mentioned above, tidy up your place and be fresh. You may be thinking, “hey! I’m paying for sex, why should I also have to try and impress her?” The truth is you don’t. You can invite her into your pigsty, get right down to business and you’ll still get laid. But the purpose of these tips is not to get laid, as mentioned in the outset, you’re going to get laid no matter what (baring the obvious not paying her, abusing her etc). The point of cleaning up a bit and making the bed and taking a shower and brushing your teeth and making sure you smell good is just to make her more comfortable. The more comfortable she feels, the more she may be willing to do. Another really important thing is don` t keep small valuables lying around. She` s not going to steal your 50“ TV but if she sees a camera laying around while you` re in the bathroom, she could slip it into her purse. Most escorts are not thieves and are not going to take anything, but you don` t want to leave it to chance when a simple precaution of putting away valuables can avoid the misfortune of having them stolen.

Extra tips: If her website mentions a favorite drink, try to have that ready for her. When tidying up you don’t need to wash the walls or clean under the fridge, just try to make sure your bed is made, the bathroom she’ll be using has a clean sink/toilet/shower and if you’re going to be sitting on your couch or at a table try to remove the clutter/empty pizza boxes. If you have pets like a dog or cat, try to keep them in an area (backyard, spare bedroom etc) that will not be used during your encounter. Once she is at your place you can mention you have a pet and if she’s okay with it, let them out but having a dog run up to her and get her clothes dirty with hair etc might not be a great first impression.

2) Once your escort arrives, the first thing you need to do is decide if you want to follow through with it. If her picture looked like Megan Fox but Rosie O’donnell showed up, that’s called a bait and switch. She baited you (got you to book an appointment with a fake picture) and then switched it up on you (showed up looking completely different). At this point you are completely within your rights to turn her away. If the pictures were accurate, but for example there was no face picture and you’re completely disappointed with her face, you are still within your rights to turn her away but it would be customary to give her a kill fee. The kill fee could be anywhere from $20-$50 to pay for her driver costs or gas costs or taxi fare. I fully recommend that if you don` t like what you see, turn her away immediately. It might seem rude, it might be difficult or awkward and even worse you might be extremely horny and figure `she’ll do`(they bank on that) but 9/10 when the pictures are misleading, it also leads to poor service and generally a poor encounter. Keep in mind that you can not kiss her, ask her to take her clothes off, or even talk for 30 minutes and then decide you don` t want to go through with it. If I am going to turn an escort away, I generally do it before she even puts one foot in the door although you are within your rights to do it within the first 5 minutes of her arriving. Anything past that could cause problems.

3) Once your escort has arrived and you’ve decided your happy and want to go through with it, the first thing you should do is compliment her. Tell her “Wow! You` re gorgeous!!`. Escorts are women too, and all women love compliments. If you` re nervous about what she thinks about you, she` s probably just as nervous about what you think of her. Of course there` s the odd bombshell who is a complete knock out and knows it and your compliment will be shrugged off. But more often than not, complimenting an escort when she arrives puts her at ease, gives her confidence and makes for a great first impression. Don` t try to throw your tongue down her throat as soon as she walks in the door. Simply open up the door, go in for a hug to create some contact and maybe a kiss on the cheek. Once she` s in you can take her coat and lead her to where you’ll sit. It` s important to take charge at first, don` t let her wander around your house. It` s better to take her somewhere like the living room couch first to take care of business and offer her a drink rather than straight to the bed. Lead her to where you` re going to sit and tell her she can take a seat. At this time you can give her an envelope or even just cash. You can also let her know where the bathroom is, incase she` d like to use it. Let her know your going to make drinks and will be right back. This gives her a chance to do several things. It gives her a chance to count the money without doing it right in front of you. It allows her take in her surroundings and get comfortable. It also allows her to check her make up etc. It also gives her a chance to call her driver and let her know she’s inside, she has the money and everything is OK. It’s completely normal that she will make a call to let her driver know she’s okay.

4) Once you come back with the drinks, I would recommend sitting beside her and putting your arm around her. You already created contact by giving her a hug when she came in, and now she` s been paid in full, has her jacket off, has a drink and has been to the bathroom if she needed to be. It` s not time yet to slam your tongue down her throat, but it is time to create some intimacy. By putting your arm around her, running your fingers through her hair, etc you` re making sure the friendly chat doesn’t turn into 45 minutes of random banter leaving you with 15 minutes to knock one out on a 1 hour appointment. One thing you definitely want to avoid is turning the TV on. If the conversation falls flat and you’re both sitting their watching TV 30 minutes can fly by and when you’re paying by the hour, that not a good thing. If you like to talk, then at this time you can talk to her and tell her what ever you` d like to say. If you` re shy then ask her questions. You don` t want to get personal with her, as most escorts expect privacy. However good questions to ask would be: Did you have trouble finding the place? What kind of music do you like? These kinds of questions are easy to answer and are non-personal. Another good thing to do is to continue to compliment her. Tell her you love her shoes/jeans/earings/purse.

5) After about 10-15 minutes of chit chat, light groping and kissing you can stand up, take her hand and lead her to the bedroom. At this point it’s up to you, I’m not going to offer a play by play on how to handle your business with an escort. The only thing I would mention at this point is to be aware of her boundaries. I never explicitly ask what I am allowed to do and not do, because she may have a rule of not doing something on her website or in her mind but if the session is going well she might go along with it. However I am sensitive to her boundaries. For example if you’re kissing her and she’s just pecking back at you, I don’t try and throw my tongue into the mix. I just accept that her limit for kissing is light kisses and move on. When I’m about to finish if I want to give her a facial, I let her know I’m about to finish and tell her to get on her knees or simply say “I’d love to cum on your face, do you mind?” if she says no then I ask where would it be okay for me to finish, and she’ll usually say on her breasts or “anywhere but my face!” LOL!

6) Once the session is about done she’ll normally take a shower, start putting her clothes back on and call her driver to let her know she’s leaving. At this point it’s not mandatory but it’s customary to give a tip if she was good. If she was unresponsive in the bedroom, if she’s leaving early or if she answered her phone (from anyone other than her driver with an emergency) then I don’t offer a tip at all. However short of that I will give a tip of any where between 10% to 30% of the appointment rate as a token of appreciation. If you do decide to see her again this will go a long way.

If you follow the above tips then I can guarantee that your session will go as well as possible. The main thing to keep in mind is to remain calm, know what you want to do with your time before she arrives and make her as comfortable as possible.


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