Are Escorts Clean? Do All Escorts Have STDs?

This is a big question for some people. You might see amazingly sexy pictures of escorts online but not want to call them because you think they’re dirty and disease ridden. I want to remind everyone that I am only speaking of my own personal opinion and experience not from scientific research or studies. I would be a fool to say there’s no risk seeing an escort, now a days with so many sexual diseases lurking in the vaginas of the world it’s certain that an escort would be at a higher risk of carrying such a disease. I rationalize this by saying it’s probably on the same par of risk of hooking up with a regular chic at the bar and taking her home. Chances are if you one nighted her, it’s not her first hook up. She could go out every weekend or even 4-5 times a week and go home with someone once or twice a week. We all like to think we’re that stud who pulled in the hottie who “would never do anything like this” but let’s be real here. If you’re nailing her after buying her a couple drinks and dancing with her a bit, she doesn’t fall into that innocent category. There are the rare far and few between exceptions but most girls who are willing to hook up like that have done it before and are willing to do it again.

Escorts Practice Safe Sex

On the other hand almost 99% of escorts insist on using condoms and are on the pill. I would put a higher percentage of condom use on the professional escorts of the world over the random drunk sluts at the bar. What this means is that if you’re not willing to take any risk, and you stay a virgin until you get married and make sure your wife is a virgin, then obviously seeing an escort would seem like russian roulette. However if you’re comparing the lifestyle of sleeping with multiple escorts over random hook ups at the bars, I think it’s about the same. The one thing you need to keep in mind is a lot of different STD’s can be transferred orally, for example herpes, if someone has a cold sore and gives you a blow job, you can end up with herpes. So you need to be careful and although you don’t want to do a full medical exam on an escort before touching her, you did want to keep your eyes open and be alert to potential warning signs. Try to make sure you take her pants off and pull her panties down with the lights on so you can get a good look at the goods and see if there are any lumps, bumps or other irregularities.

Cautious Sex With Escorts

If you want to really limit your chances of getting anything, don’t kiss escorts, use a condom for both sex and oral sex and do not perform oral sex on her. If you stick to those guidelines I think the only way you could end up catching something is just pure bad luck – same as the 25 year old who lost his virginity without protection to someone who is HIV positive. Bad luck is bad luck, but putting that aside if you take precautions then generally speaking you’re going to be okay and not catch anything. A lot of guys also don’t like the fact that escorts see many clients daily and you could be #4 on the day. This used to bother me and at one point I even gave up seeing escorts altogether because the thought of it sickened me. However I eventually got past it by just admitting I was paying for a service. I don’t care how many Big Mac’s the cashier at McDonald’s served before I arrived and now I no longer care how many guys drilled the escort before I arrived. As long as she’s clean, fresh and doesn’t talk about it while my penis is swole – I am able to ignore it.

Happy Hobbying!

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